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Cathy Bryant | The Majorette

(The tarot card The World) I have been taught to twirl my two batons and march in step, as a majorette, and I was as proud as a lion when I got my first uniform.   Soon conformity and my growing body made me feel restricted, pedestrian, ox-like, feet aching from pounding the hard roads, on parade.   I longed to tear off my tight bodice, spread my wings and […]

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Shelley Kahn | An examination of conscience – post holiday spirit blues

  Do not tell me to shine my light into a dark room. I prefer the absence of such interventions To pedantic purpose and tithed out virtue.   Do not ask me to confess anything to you either. I long ago opened the hollowed out cage Emptied its still beating contents in a sieve And went on my way to the soup kitchen To eat hearty with my true friends, […]

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Alice A. Bailey | The Great Invocation

From the point of Light Within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into The minds of men Let light descend on Earth.   From the point of Love Within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into The hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth.   From the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little Wills of men – The […]

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Michele Bombardier

Michele Bombardier | Maiden voyage

The power went out during his birth. One midwife held the flashlight while the other sewed me up, infection set in, pain, fever requiring bedrest and surgery, still I knew, it was glory, full glory handed to me, a star on a platter, the most precious memory of my life I hold.   Weeks later on a Tuesday afternoon, stroller maiden voyage, first venture out, blinking like my baby at […]

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