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M.N. Nagel

M.F. Nagel | Selected poems

A POTLATCH FOR ZOE AMERICA Turn from your nothingness Rise from the ashes Hear the gulls call Each to each.   This is your potlatch Zoe You will have it See I weave the tangled seaweed into blankets.   Here Bite the apple Hard Like Eve before the fall Black-eyed. Orphaned. Drift upon the sea.   Today we Dance and feast and weep and Watch the shaman eat clams.   […]

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Marilyn Hammick

Marilyn Hammick | The path taken

I look up from the stony path we chose. As always, you are far ahead of me reaching the place where the land goes up and up, and looking out, the sea is everything. That much I know. Our mind-maps may have intersected for most of my past but where you go now is your secret.   All I can do is look up once more at the finest of […]

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Joanna Chen

Joanna Chen | Rain after crash

It rained this weekend, the first rain of the year, causing the trees in my garden to dance and twinkle with happiness, probably my happiness. The rain came at the end of a bad week. A neighbor was killed in a car crash on the road below my village. If you stand on her terrace, as I did the day after she died, you can see the road snaking along, […]

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Sylvia Ashby | Dead letter

Dead letter Last week I sent a get well card to my father in the nursing home. On Saturday the card returned to me stamped DECEASED. I understand, now, this was a clerical error; they simply had his named misspelled, reversed the “i” and “r” in the business office file. But now I also understand no one ever just leaves the nursing home: They don’t have rubber stamps for MOVED […]

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