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Changming Yuan

Changming Yuan | Selected poems

The Moment My Soul Becomes an Electron on the Moon I find myself lost in a space of dark densities, where The sun wind keeps blowing hard in all directions   Traveling as fast as light with other fellow electrons I recognize few of them as my former acquaintances   Before swarming into antennas, sensors, end users We all slough off our clothes made of digital codes   As we […]

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Danny Best

Danny Best | Selected poems

 Just a thought If you should find yourself wondering ‘am I really…really there right there with you everyday “yes” of course I’ am there in your heart…and in your memories no matter where in sleep I lay if you’d really like to talk…but you feel there’s nothing left to say then please…please lighten-up that heavy…heavy heart ‘cause I’m really…only really just a single “thought” away —– Home   I know […]

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Sarah A. Chavez

Sarah A. Chavez | Cheers to the Dead

I wonder if he’s hungry there in his grave amongst the sediment and microorganisms.   The Hmong relatives of his neighbors bring bowls of rice and vegetables, sweet dishes whose names I can’t pronounce and cans of Coke. All he gets are American flags and flowers.   Even in death they won’t let Grandpa eat or drink. He loved to tell me how Grandma kept him to one beer a […]

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Joanna Chen

Joanna Chen | Bedouin Pastoral

I’m thinking of the Bedouin shepherd near our house with his fierce dogs and his Kansas City baseball cap pulled down over his eyes.   He’s maybe fourteen and knows how to whistle   so low that only the sheep,  grazing on fennel  shoots and hyssop,  raise their heads to listen.  Last week I stood on the stony path that runs between the two   sides of the forest, trapped by […]

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