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Dennis W. Schwesinger

Dennis J. Schwesinger | We meet again

A gorgon haled me when I walked across the pasture. It had eaten a cow I loved, asked me what I thought I might do about it. I shrugged. He was a giant gorgon and strode away jerking side to side with laughter.   We dream sometimes of things we can’t remember: a strange place, another lifetime. I never loved a cow and Don’t believe in gorgons. But it was […]

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Joan Kantor | ‘Becoming her’ and ‘Ride of a lifetime’

Becoming Her There was a woman I greatly admired   She was caring creative self-confident daring   She was smart and had a career She completed herself as a wife and mother while I cowered and cringed filled with fear   For me risks weren’t an option   Then I began to come into my own The process was slow   I married a man who believed in my growth […]

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Girl running in red jacket

Casey FitzSimons | A view of my daughter’s childhood and other poems

A View of My Daughter’s Childhood She pulled violently away from me with shouts I saw but did not hear and tore rudely through other pedestrians who lost packages, stumbled. A block away, her coat a-sail, still she shouldered on, offending. Behind rushing forms I lost sight of her, caught sight of her hair, swinging, a leg, now and then, until she slowed, lunging and panting further on and walked […]

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Martin Willits

Martin Willitts, Jr. | One girl…and God is not amused

One Girl One girl; that is what it takes to say “no” in a world of men thinking they know what is best for the girl, never asking.   One girl; that is what it takes to run away, in a direction she does not know, except it is not where she came from, and she fears going back.   One girl; is a dangerous voice to the men thinking […]

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