Paul R. Davis | Scream the Beloved World

Open your mouth and scream!
Scream for the warmth of the sun,
scream for the oceans’ water,
scream for the air you breathe.
Scream against all the futile wars,
scream for the fallen young,
scream against the profiteers.
Scream against the ones who make the laws we cannot live by.
Scream for the Founding Fathers twisting in their graves.
Scream for Gaza,
Scream for Sudan,
Scream for the bleeding Balkans,
Scream for Tibet in exile,
Scream against Exxon Mobil.
Scream for its own sake,
for the hungry naked children begging to be fed and clothed,
scream against corporate named sports stadiums,
scream for women mutilated for being women,
scream against another Texas governor denying global warming.

For a moment, stop screaming.
Pray for the confused watching news on television,
Pray for the newspaper spreading lies,
Pray for the picket sign holders,
Pray for the WalMart workers earning minimum wage,
Pray for the Chinese prison laborers,
Pray for those who vote unknowingly.

Return once more to screaming!
Scream that Congress will abolish lawyers and health insurance conglomerates,
Scream that we will have a President of the people, by the people, and for the people,
Scream that the tax code will favor those without,
Scream that schools will educate,
Scream that corporations will give up profits,
Scream that peace is not to be sought in the afterlife but here and now,
Scream that all of us here will never surrender.

Scream for the beloved world!



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