Joan Kantor | ‘Becoming her’ and ‘Ride of a lifetime’

Becoming Her

There was a woman
I greatly admired
She was caring
She was smart
and had a career
She completed herself
as a wife and mother
while I cowered and cringed
filled with fear
For me
risks weren’t an option
Then I began to come into my own
The process was slow
I married a man
who believed in my growth
My children
were the challenging kind
and mothering them
made me stronger
I went back to school
found a job that I love
I have friends who are like sisters
Words flow joyously
from my pen
In the mirror
I now
see her


Ride Of A Lifetime


with voluptuous roar


the dam breaks

and the river

forever held back

is rushing

seizing branches and leaves

sucking me

into a vortex

where lost memories



to the bottom

and shadow sounds

meet their end



wild water

spits me free

 and in my craft

running rapids

I purposefully

dig my paddle

into a torrent

of poems


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