Casey FitzSimons | A view of my daughter’s childhood and other poems

A View of My Daughter’s Childhood

She pulled violently away from me
with shouts I saw but did not hear
and tore rudely through other pedestrians
who lost packages, stumbled.
A block away, her coat a-sail,
still she shouldered on, offending.
Behind rushing forms I lost sight of her,
caught sight of her hair, swinging,
a leg, now and then,
until she slowed, lunging and panting
further on
and walked with the flow, apace with me.
I did see her twice again—once
pausing to grab a lamppost and swing around it gaily
and once, very small in the distance,
she cried, standing still under the Don’t Walk sign.
I found I could not walk faster.
She was very far away,
back in time.


Jealousy in the Second Grade

A blatantly yellow candy-box bow
marketed her fat ringlets
into whose dark tunnels I ducked my head
to stare, as low as I dared,
behind her on the cool
wood of my desk, my fingers spread.
But then we stood in the spelling bee line,
the sun behind her, loops
of the bow white hot, and where
the ribbon layers overlapped,
spears of orange shot.
And where her hair reluctantly was drawn
above her ears to the crown,
some made their escape.
Her temples were on fire.
The flames would reach the yellow bow
soon and she would scream. I hoped
she would scream.


When the world out there

When the world out there has more
to beckon you than I do,
when its attractions are the stuff
of your impatience and desire,
when the thrill of expectation
is most poignant and the chance
of dream fruition calls you
from some meeting place,
my casual assent
at your departing rush
will be anything but.
Girl running in red jacket
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2 Responses to Casey FitzSimons | A view of my daughter’s childhood and other poems

  1. Jean Zellweger March 11, 2014 at 6:12 pm #

    When The World Out There : Great writing. I loved it. Brief, but so full of meaning.

  2. Casey FitzSimons March 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

    Thanks, Jean. Touching someone who responds to a poem is why I publish my work. Casey

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