Holly Guran | Regulations


                Lawrence Manufacturing Company, 1833


No one may be dishonest, dissolute, indolent.

All must refrain from ardent spirit, gambling, any desire

to smoke Egyptian cigarettes. Fire we must prevent.


From public worship, no one may be absent.

All must obey Sabbath rules, this we require.

No one may be dishonest, dissolute, indolent.


For advice, those far from parents may apply to the Agent.

To the utmost efficiency all must aspire

and avoid using clay pipes. Calamity we must prevent.


Encouraging moral conduct is the company’s intent.

Frivolous conversation is not allowed or admired.

No one may be dishonest, dissolute, indolent.


Each worker will live in a boarding house as tenant.

We offer a year’s contract for those we acquire.

No smoking in the boarding house. Flames we must prevent.


To serve here what is asked is voluntary consent.

We cherish respect, conciliation between us and all hires.

No one may be dishonest, dissolute, indolent

or linger smoking anywhere. We must prevent fires.


Author’s note: The Triangle Shirt Waist fire in New York (1911) in which 146 garment workers (mostly women) died, brought the perils of factory work to the world’s attention.   

PA Duryea 1912 Silk Mill Workers

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