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Hope Atlas | Longing for a Mom

I hold her frail, bony hand; stroke her stringy, blonde hair. She whispers, pleads, Don’t leave me. Closing my eyes as tears form, I can see the powerful, addictive white powder that brought us here. I feel her tremors, her anger. My ten-year-old body lies next to her, crying without noise, waiting for her to sleep. Now her bed— cradling her body bumping against the metal rail— has no room […]

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Ron L. Dowell | Weed Killers

We’re being lied to about cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, chronic, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, some arguing for its medicinal value, assuming that everyone must be sick and in need of a cure, others figuring how to monetize it by substituting clear thinking with a foul, smoky fog, falsely proposing that art’s created through your subjugated brain, a brain seeking something ever more exhilarating, more powerful […]

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Bonnie Stanard | The Payoff

Pleasure’s on the phone and Rosetta has putty fingers and a memory of soaring, was it last Friday? usually afternoons, absolute anytime. Too horizontal to make the call herself she puts her ear to the sound of Benny plunging along Saturday streets telling her to rise to the physical, try on filters, look through gravity glasses touch the riff in the backbone taste the trigger that forks the tongue. Feelings […]

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Margaret Karmazin

Margaret Karmazin | The least he can do

He knew he was a mess and he knew they had expected him to “pull himself up by the boot straps,” but none of them understood. It was like he ran on another track than those people, one with a high wall along both sides and no way to stop the movement of his vehicle, let alone climb over the walls. A while back, there’d been a moment, maybe a […]

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