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Joe Cottonwood | Like pigs

It’s Janice on the phone from her sailboat near Madagascar (background sound of waves slapping hull half a planet distant). Her tenants here on this side of the planet have a stopped-up sink, their own fault says Janice because they live like pigs packing five kids into that two-bedroom cottage but I should fix it which is how I meet freckly smiley Georgia who is discretely nursing a blanketed babe […]

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Laura Grace Weldon | Community

Redwood Dharma Redwood trees have lived on Earth for over 240 million years. Homo sapiens, about 200 thousand.  Despite massive size, old growth redwood root systems are shallow. Trees reach 350 feet tall yet don’t topple in the strongest winds. Each one’s roots interlace with its neighbors’ roots, creating a vast network of support unseen on the surface. They hold on for a thousand, two thousand years, maybe more, all […]

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The New Localism | Movies You Might’ve Missed

It’s always inspirational to watch people coming together to rise above the challenges that beset them. My own documentary, Twisp: The Power of Community, shows how the people of a tiny town in north central Washington have leveraged successive crises into opportunities to recreate themselves and their communities. From a mega-ski resort proposal that would have made some property owners rich at the expense of the small town lifestyle the rest of […]

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The New Localism | MOON Shine

“Where everything’s broken, anything’s possible. Thomas Edison supposedly said that opportunity is missed by most because it’s usually dressed in overalls and looks like work. As I think back through the history of innovation, and look at people such as Charles and Ray Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright and Edison and all the others who broke into a space that we had not seen before, they worked in transitional places. […]

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