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Ed Ahern | Take it all off

Curious that I can’t laugh at myself without also crying a little. The foible that generates the laugh was once a venerated bias, social illusion I had clung to, action I knew was significant, reciprocal acceptance of flaw, a fairy tale taught early to me, mind hair that smarted when tweezed out. And how naked I felt just after, clutching for another fig leaf to better hide my uncertainty, to […]

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John A. Burnham | The girl with forever eyes

I guess I’m finally through it. I don’t expect to get over it, but things are better now. I no longer wish it had been me instead of them. I remember the tragedy like it was yesterday: One minute we were following our kids home from the lake and the next, I’m standing in front of our car, with the lights of emergency vehicles flashing all around me. I’m cradling […]

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Karine Ancellin | Athena’s blaze

Athena’s Blaze Dedicated to Panos Kokkinidis and family Amongst Athens’ top pastry chefs Panos Kokkinidis was spending a warm summer day near Mati, a picturesque beach town, suave and lovely on the Aegean shore of Greece. He had mastered the art of fire crafting innovational delicacies, well-known with the Athenian literati. So when the grey flames came blazing towards him his wife, his children and his mother he took his […]

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Dane Divine | Dragon in the moon

A dragon came to me in my sleep last night. She kissed my eyelids gently with her hot tongue and made me cry. As she dried my eyes, she gently unfolded one scarlet wing. Inside the opening, close to her body, I saw my fears, cowering like newborns. I ran to her and picked them up protectively, knowing deep inside I was their mother, their charge. I held them tight […]

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