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Charles Joseph Albert | The rakan kembar

Deeyaitch looked with contempt about the train car. Peering over the top of his London Times, he took in the dense hodge-podge of grubby fellow Malaysians. Jammed into the tête-à-tête benches were entire families of wild, ill-behaved children, parents who were still children themselves, odiferous crones clutching rotting bird carcasses or bundles of rags… an old man sat in the front of the car, wispy gray hair sprouting from a […]

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Dana Hammer | The difference a thousand dollars can make

The oil burned her skin, searing and sharp. The pain was compounded by the terror of not knowing her tormentor, or her location, or how the hell she was supposed to get out of the dark, rotten basement in which she now found herself. Inez Eliot howled in a way she hadn’t since childbirth, low and deep, emerging from her center and radiating out. She tried to retract her foot […]

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