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My responsibilities as a Native artist | An interview with Supaman

Christian Parrish Takes the Gun, known professionally as Supaman, is on a mission: to educate, empower, and inspire Native and non-Native audiences all over the world. An Apsáalooke rapper and fancy dancer who was born in Seattle, Washington, and grew up in Crow Agency, Montana, Supaman combines the hard-hitting lyrics and energy of hip-hop with contemporary forms of traditional Native American dance—in full regalia—and his own positive messages, rhythms, and beats. The child of […]

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Acosia Red Elk | Our issues are in our tissues

World champion jingle dancer Acosia Red Elk has literally walked through fire to become poised and grounded in her identity–a world champion jingle dancer, cultural ambassador, and healer through her hybrid form of yoga she calls Powwow Yoga. In this interview, she shares the wisdom she’s gained from her journey and her hopes for helping people to release the issues in our tissues to experience the joy of reconciliation. Sharing is caring:

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Laine MacTague | The urban ecology almanac

January of 2015 was, to my knowledge, the first time an American robin found this little yard of sufficient interest to warrant a visit: I know so little about what will change a bird’s mind. Is the robin slumming? Lost? Or perhaps he stopped in the avocado tree because while passing over, heading for lands better known to him, he noticed the thick, damp mulch under the “ditch orchard” – […]

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Michael Pilarski | A carbon sequestration proposal for the world

I have been following the climate-change and carbon storage debates for over 30 years and still have not heard of any proposals that make as much sense as the one outlined herein. I was inspired to write this after attending the 2009 Klimaforum09, the grassroots alternative to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, in which 50,000 people from civil society, small farmers, indigenous people, NGOs, etc., participated.  These grassroots activists went […]

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