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Joe Cottonwood | If they gave a Nobel Prize

If they gave a Nobel Prize for obscene wealth combined with a reckless flair this man would be on the short list but I can’t complain, after all he hired me to build a cabinet with, ahem, discretion, if you catch my drift, and to build it in a certain style, how shall I say, a certain je ne sais quoi of bullshit that appeals to men who have a […]

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Linda Imbler | John the Baptist

Within this unknown town teems hermetic people. They wander in robes as hooded figures, streaming to the bottom of the hill, as the midnight bell knells. On the hilltop, John the Baptist stands silently surveying the dense crowd of believers below, then takes notice of the horizon beyond. So begins the wry smile as clouds form above. Soft rain begins, gentle and soothing. What follows; thunder, lightning, and impenetrable rain. […]

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Anna M. Alkin | Telling the bees

One winter I spent lying in bed, suffering from the darkest episode of depression in my life. For months, I was unable to work, read, or eat much of anything. I managed to avoid almost all contact with the outside world. The only relief I experienced, if you can call it that, was looking at the tree outside my third-story window. It felt as if that tree were my only […]

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Zohara M. Hieronimus, DHL | White Spirit Animals

White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change explores the practice of shamanism and trans-species telepathy with regard especially to five land mammals, all of them matriarchal societies, where mother and offspring are the centerpiece of each animal’s culture and longevity. This ethos of care has been lost from human society in general, which these terrestrial mammals urge us to restore. White Spirit Animals are all white-coated unlike their other family members. […]

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