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Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin | Folks, this ain’t normal

NO CIVILIZATION has ever been in this state of environmental ignorance. In previous eras, people who lived in an area had to be intimately aware of their surroundings and viscerally involved in rearing and preparing food for the table. But in recent decades, in our culture, putting food on the table has not required any knowledge or involvement except how to scan a credit card, open a plastic bag, and […]

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Nick Johnson | A modern proposition

MORE THAN ONE-THIRD of adults in the United States (78.6 million people) can be considered obese, defined as at least thirty pounds overweight. As of 2009 not a single state could meet the rather modest goal of an obesity rate of only fifteen percent. Current projections say that by 2018 obesity-related health problems will cost the American healthcare system around 344 billion dollars every year, and that by 2020 the obesity […]

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Matthew Harrison | Revenge

THE BROWN FAMILY is going to eat at their local steakhouse. It’s been a struggle to decide, because Sarah, the youngest, is a vegetarian and feels sorry for the cows. But the boys, Stephen and James, insist, and Mr. Brown also likes to have a good steak now and then–and why not now? It is quite tedious living with Sarah and having lentil soup and nut cutlets all the time. […]

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Rethinking Agriculture

There are a growing number of great food- and farming-related documentaries out there. We’ve previously recommended three: Food, Inc., King Corn, and SuperSize Me!. All are exceedingly worthwhile investigations into modern agricultural policies and methods and their impacts on our health, our food system, and our planet. This month we recommend two more: Natural World: A Farm for The Future is wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking’s exploration into farming without reliance on […]

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