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Larry Carter

Larry Carter | A target like me

The year was 1961 and I was entering the third grade at Public School 1, or PS 1, in Long Island City, New York. Long Island City is located at the tip of Queens along the East River, in the shadow of the 59th Street Bridge. I lived in the Queens Bridge Housing Projects during the time of John F. Kennedy, Chubby Checkers, and the Twist. Before the end of […]

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Sarah Calvello

Sarah Calvello | Memory

remember, if I cut you off its because you gave me the scissors sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory you served me fish soup as tasteless and bare as our distant relationship pieces of white fish floating helplessly and alone in plain green broth too much time has passed we haven’t talked in years nothing then you come force yourself on […]

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James Patrick Johnson

James Patrick Johnson | Befriending the stranger

James Patrick Johnson was killed, “burned to a crisp,” in an anhydrous ammonia explosion thirty years ago, which he described in the February issue of The MOON: Beyond Death. Then—and eight times since—he has traveled “out of body” to “the other side,” where he has conferred with “angels, guides, and masters” who have attempted to explain reality to him. Heart In The Clouds Part of me is in constant contact […]

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Freed and Lowenstein | Befriending the teenager

A group of teenagers sits in a circle. Typical teenagers, they span the spectrum of race and ethnicity, ages and economic groups, dress and appearance. They are white, brown, black, and Asian; dressed in designer fashions, folded into slouchy sweats; straight, gay, closeted; distracted, focused; trying to stay off drugs, grieving, animated, fighting their parents, failing school, high-achieving, wishing they were somewhere else, excited that they’re here because they’ve been […]

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