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Bashir Richard | Where I’ve Been

I’ve been around the corner Throwing rocks on the freeway Staying on punishment even on a free day   I’ve been in the back of trap houses Surrounded by artillery My generation’s thirst for drugs Put an ice cold chill in me   I’ve been in the principal’s office Still cussin’ at the secretary Interventions in the camera room With security looking scary   I’ve been hanging out the window […]

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Darlene Chavarria | Mother Earth

Home is The lining of Gaia’s uterus Nutrients connecting rivers of star fire Moonlit streets cast shadows I exist This is my home Where I plant my intentions They grow From seeds sewn Stitching my wrists With purpose With life and sharpened sight From visions opaque Shivs and shanks To leave this place Rain from the clouds Thunders down I don’t need sunshine I am the earth’s immune system A healthy […]

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Chris Henrikson | The community cure for a violent culture

Chris Henrikson is the founder of Street Poets, Inc., a non-profit poetry-based violence intervention program for high-risk youth in the juvenile detention camps, continuation schools and streets of Los Angeles County. Henrikson also calls it “a poetry-based peace-making organization,” which uses the creative process as a vehicle for individual and community transformation. I first learned of Street Poets at a Malidoma Somé ancestor ceremony in Ojai, California, which two young […]

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Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle | ‘Het’

Had a dream the other night in which the whole world was gay and I was still not, which was unnerving, to say the least. I mean, it was a great dream in a lot of ways, because there were no more wars and there were lots of happy barbers, although it was also a scary dream, what with all the Elton John music and arugula. But the really weird […]

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