The Illuminated Gate

By Jennifer Freed

The gold dust has settled
The fairies have made their appearances through the rainbow coalition
Now the wheel of fortune is spinning with a thousand tiny fingers scrambling toward different fates
Time to enlist thy transformative possibilities
Angels are waiting to assist
The hunger for good has to triumph all doubt and greed
The thirst for justice has to quash all power plays
The joy of expression has to censor suppression

Anyone who does not see through the mirage of separateness blinds themselves with judgment
Anyone who does not feel our interconnectedness feels numb and frozen
Anyone who does not taste the nectar of joy and compassion drinks bitterly

The work has just begun with the red carpet rolled out
The ancient calling for the royalty of consciousness has been sounded
The new days are netted with the old wisdoms and the weave is unbreakable
Merely talk will not walk us through this next illuminated gate
Every word – an intent
Every intent turned into right action will be magnified
If you are called, impelled, or yearning
Take your feet to thy will
Take your heart to thy spirit
Fly with your grounded talons and unearthly feathers
’til not one aspect of  magnificence
has not been circumnavigated
Breathe the world anew with unflappable courage

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