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Death | The future we seldom speak of

Death. It’s coming for all of us, yet most of us are shocked when we realize that today, or soon, it is coming for us. Or worse, that it just took someone we can’t imagine living without. Death is the topic that sucks the air out of the room; that reveals the shallowness of our dreams and ambitions; that slays us with its non-negotiability. Yet the man who is our interview […]

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Atonement | The Power of Making Amends

Atonement…it’s not a word we use much in everyday conversation. Those of us who are “recovering” Catholics or Protestants resist the notion drummed into us since childhood that we are “sinful” and need to “repent” to satisfy a wrathful or pristinely remote God. Conversely, many still-faithful Christians feel no need to “atone.” After all, Christ did that for them. How could they hope to improve upon His ultimate sacrifice? Jews […]

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The Power of One | How We Each Make a Difference

When we think of individuals who made a difference, we often go grandiose: Christ, the Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Gandhi. People who changed the course of history; who inspired thousands—if not millions—of followers. We think of them as powerful, but none of the individuals above were wealthy, or backed by an army; only one even held political office–and that was following many years […]

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Modern soulcraft | Reimagining our stories, ourselves

It is said that, “The world is made up of stories, not facts.” Stories are how we make sense of the world, guiding our decisions in countless unconscious ways. If we believe that life is dangerous and “you can’t be too careful,” for example, we will behave very differently than if we believe that testing oneself against risk is what makes life a meaningful adventure. If we believe that life […]

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