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Make it rain | Shamanism for our times

“Shamanism…really? “With all that we’ve got to be concerned about, you’re devoting an entire issue of The MOON to shamanism? “Well then, you’d better make it rain.” The above might have been my response to this month’s theme just 10 short years ago. I had little patience with poncho-wearing, rattle-shaking, indigenous wannabes claiming to be shamans. I’ve since come to think that shamanism might be the most urgent topic on […]

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How gentle is the MOON

Dear Readers, This issue of The MOON is about the moon. That beautiful one who shines down upon us nightly. That “inert rock” that holds seas and craters, dreams and aspirations, gives light to the dark and inspiration to lovers and dreamers and nocturnal creatures of all stripes and persuasions. I love the moon. I love her quiet. Her gentleness. Her ability to illuminate, not by burning, but by reflecting. […]

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Sharing the wealth | Economics for a small planet

What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a living? Paint? Dance? Take care of your family? Volunteer? Join the Peace Corps? Start a business? Travel? The current global economic system doesn’t work for most of us. By “doesn’t work,” I mean there aren’t enough jobs to employ everyone at an income sufficient to cover housing, health insurance, debt (including mounting student loans), and retirement. That trend is expected […]

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