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Joe Cottonwood | On the road to freedom

Control In black leotard and pink tights she dances before the big mirror, one entire wall of reflection —of motion, of strawberry blond with freckles. She’s what — eighteen? — and chatty as I replace the water heater. To my eyes she seems all bounce and unbelievably young to be shacked up in a one-room, one-bed cabin with a stone-face prison doctor triple her age who drives an old Chevy […]

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Karol House | I’m from where

I’m from Bineshi’s bloodline. That’s Bill Baker if you don’t speak Ojibwemowin.* Ni migizi dodem.** I’m from sitting on green boxes on 6-mile corner, watching cars go by. Sometimes their four doors didn’t match. I’m from Packer games on Sundays, Greyhound trips for the holidays, and Easter baskets with Karla. I’m from women with the same last name and a father none of us knew. I’m from the woods; northern. […]

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Benito Gutierrez | La cadena

Thirty-six-year-old Angel Guerra took a long pull from his cigarette and leaned back against the parking pylon in front of Pete’s Market, one foot tucked up behind him, the other planted securely on the ground. He exhaled slowly, allowing the smoke to envelop the sides of his face, up past his ball cap dissolving into the night sky. Bathed in a dim, fluorescent light with intermittent bursts of neon red […]

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Free at Last | Movies You Might’ve Missed

Serving Life takes viewers inside Louisiana’s maximum security prison at Angola, where the average sentence is more than 90 years. With such long sentences, 85% of inmates will never return to their communities or live in the outside world. They will grow old and die in Angola. To deal with that reality, warden Burl Cain in 1997 created an extraordinary hospice program to care for dying inmates. The program is […]

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