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Arthur Longworth | How to kill someone

Where I come from isn’t a secret I can keep. It’s an indelible record tucked away in a state file I can’t make not exist. A file that was initiated by an administrator I never met, who wrote, “Arthur first came to our attention when we received calls from Oregon, Idaho, and Mountlake Terrace, Washington, that Arthur had been detained in all these places . . .” Which means that […]

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Robert Ives | 600 days of silence

The mechanical humming stops as the steel door slides shut behind us. A chain encircles my waist and holds my hands together in front of me, palm to palm in prayer. Another chain shackles my feet. I have an escort of three correctional officers; one on each side of me grasping an arm as the other follows behind. We begin to shuffle forward, moving slowly. The distances of my steps […]

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Anna Alkin | A miraculous life of more

“We’re in the business of creating a miracle here on earth.” – Charles Eisenstein What is it like to be in the midst of a miracle? The idea of a miracle sounds so warm and delicious, the kind of thing you would aspire to experience in a minute, right? Well, in fact, here on earth we are in the middle of miracle school, whether you remember enrolling or not. And, […]

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Ellis Acton Currer | September

I was there the first time Ricky tried to escape. He would try again, and again, one hand at a time, but it was the first that set the pattern for all the rest. He almost missed me, coming up The Walk. I was just down from Hope, leaning against the chain-link fence in the shade, ignoring a group of Caininites nearby. Shane, Billy, Horse, others I didn’t know. They […]

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