The Blue Jewel

The Blue JewelThe Blue Jewel is a beautifully photographed film about our precious planet, “the blue jewel,” which carries a somewhat startling message: The Earth loves humanity.

German film maker Oliver Hauck asks, “What would our Earth be like if man would understand that he and the Earth are one? That we humans are made of the same material as a volcano or a rainbow and that the Earth’s pulse beats to the rhythm of our own?”

In The Blue Jewel, Hauck travels to various planetary healers—Native American elders and other men and women who have taken it upon themselves to speak for the Earth and to call humans into alignment with her—to share their messages with us.  “A planetary healer,” Hauck says, “is aware that the Earth is a living being, and that he can change events happening on Earth through his thoughts.”  The film-maker successfully tests this hypothesis by calling upon a community of some two-thousand people to visualize rain falling in the desert of Tunisia on a certain day and time.

“Human beings still believe that it will take centuries to heal the damage mankind has brought upon Earth,” Hauck says. “It is not the case. All we need are new thoughts, new ideas, and new solutions. We need to realize that we and the Earth are one.”

One of the film’s featured healers, Pepper Lewis, is a trance medium for Gaia, who tells us that our careless actions do not so much harm the Earth as ourselves. Gaia can heal; can rebalance herself; can even create new oceans if we kill our current ones. Humanity, however, is not so fortunate.

In an innovative twist, Hauck invites the audience to participate in a healing visualization of the planet right there in the darkened theater.  That single decision changes every screening of the film into an exercise in healing The Blue Jewel.

The Blue Jewel has won numerous awards at international film festivals such as the World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival in Los Angeles and the 2012 Cosmic Cine Audience Award.  For more information, or to join the network of planetary healers, visit


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