Maya Shaw Gale | Sympathy for the moon


Oh Moon, have you ever grown tired of playing second fiddle to the sun?
Of only recycling second hand light with no shimmer or shine of your own,
No fire in your belly to keep you warm,
No roaring blaze at your core?

Do you ever resent that the passion you inspire never touches
Your own pock-marked shore, never brings you lovers
To worship and adore?
Only a few guys in hazard suits ever dared to visit your lonely station
And steal a few of your rocks.

“Watching from afar all this amorous action here on Earth
Don’t you long for some deeper affection than the wolves who howl at your sight
And the poets, like me, who only fling words at your half-shadowed face?

Maya Shaw Gale is a poet, playwright and performance artist with a passion for combining movement and the spoken word. She has performed in Santa Barbara as part of Poetry Month, the Santa Barbara ADAPT Festival, Nectar, and in Santa Barbara Bolero with Larry Kegwin and Co and a staged reading of her own play, They Say She Is Veiled. She also toured California & New York with Five Foot Feat, a dance and disability theater piece. Her first book of poetry, The Last Wild Place, is available on and twenty of her poems have appeared in The Pepper Lane Review I & II, a collection of works by Santa Barbara authors. When she is not busy writing, she is a transformational life coach dedicated to guiding clients from crisis to creative breakthrough and a more authentic and soul-nourishing lifestyle. She also leads women’s deep dive writing retreats called Writing From the Heart.


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