Francisco Ramos-Stierle | The Unfathomable ManzanITA

you whispered verses
in the soul
as I sat
on your brown flying carpet of dreams…

Oh! ManzanITA
how do you go
beyond mind and matter
and money, really?

how is that you don’t need a five star hotel
because you’ve been staying in
a 300 billion star hotel
for years and years

in one way, shape or form
until my life is oriented
to serve others
with the volition of love
until then
chronic outbursts of misery
will haunt me

tell me a story
of how souls reencounter
being in receptive silence
to fall in love
to walk together
to rise up!

how the irresistible stickiness of your fruit
enchants the musk dear
and your terse red
attracts the most dear

acorns, oaks, pines, bay leaves and cedars
all in unison networking
with you
for life

the glowing green
and radiant maroon
are your silent words
resembling the ways
to reach the heart

look at this love
and see a rainbow of smiles too

yes, you speak in colors
in ancient tongues
the mosses reply
in vibrant hues

and your branches
and your roots
oh your branches and roots!
elegant arteries seducing the ground
or is the sky?
or is it both?

Is it blood that keeps you red
or is it the liberated souls?
Is it the panting of wind and water
that keeps you so soft
or is it the transpiration of freedom?
Is it your alveoli that keep you fresh
or is it the stillness of minds?

to say you are
in the tenderest place of my heart
could be a cliché
it is certainly an understatement
since your whole being is a superlative

being-est Unfathomable Manzanita!
branched alveoli being one
with the air
ventricles dancing
with the flow of awareness of life

splendid composition
symphony, concert, song
mind and breath
heart and love

I have drunk your secret waters
and not the dew
not the late showers
not even the melting snow
have given me clue
of the power of your
impermanent raptureness

surrendered is the lover
to the continuos music
that is the breath of the Beloved One

and then you conjugate haiku:

This body decaying
this Love forever strong. Breathe
this moment to connect them.

In stillness inspire
the heart’s effort. Exhale
effortlessly just being.

Be aware of each breath
for this could be the last one
smile, witness your death.

Compostable Love
after each regeneration, newer
fresher, stronger.

liquid sprouting flowing like a river
in browns and greens and reds
saw you catching snow
crying of joy after the rain
glowing naked
under the Full Moon
and the Full Milky Way
and then gave you the New Moon
letter that has lost its envelope
whose seal has been broken
and will pass away too

If only García Lorca
itas and itos
could describe you and all this in a haiku…
what would they say?
after all
aren’t we all gifts of the Universe?

you whispered verses
in the soul
as I sat
on your brown flying carpet of dreams
and finally it emerged
after a little bit:

Oh ManzanITA!
bark in a bow, what’s to wrap with
your curls of silence?

¡Oh ManzanITA!
moño de corteza, ¿qué hay que envolver
con tus caireles de silencio?

Once again, Pancho surrenders
to the Unfathomable ManzanITA
with unending gratitude
and beginningless love…



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