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Barbara Marx HubbardBarbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s book, The Mother of Invention. A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is also the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series, Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together, as well as the author of seven books on social and planetary evolution. She has produced, hosted, and contributed to countless documentaries seen by millions of people around the world and is a co-founder of the World Future Society and the Association for Global New Thought. 

As a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement, she partnered with The Shift Network to co-produce the worldwide multimedia event entitled, “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time” on Dec. 22, 2012. This historic turning-point event connected millions of individuals online for the purpose of awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.  

Marx Hubbard does not consider herself an idealist, nor does she believe that social and planetary change are simple. She does, however, believe that humanity has the tools, fortitude, and resolve to take the leap towards conscious evolution, despite—or perhaps because of—the challenges of our time. She sees humanity in the throes of giving birth to something no less than a new species of human. 

The MOON: The theme of this issue is “Giving birth.” Most people think of this literally—to the tune of seven billion of us on the planet. You believe we’re birthing something different, something bigger. Please explain.

Marx Hubbard: I believe we’re giving birth to a co-creative universal humanity. That humanity is an evolutionary leap from homo sapiens, who appeared about fifty thousand years ago and gradually gained self-consciousness and all the powers of civilization. What’s happening is that we’ve come to an end of one phase of growth on this planet, one phase of self-centered consciousness in which people feel separate from each other, from Nature, and from Spirit. That phase of growth, you might say, was the infant phase of our growth in the womb of Earth.

Planetary birth is the process of the planet itself growing a new species of human capable of co-evolving with Nature; capable of co-creating with Spirit; capable of using new technologies like nanotech and biotech, and certainly capable of utilizing the global brain forming with the ubiquitous growth of the Internet and social media. This new human is capable of so much more than we were before that the seven billion of us alive now are being born into a new phase of evolution.

Now that doesn’t mean all seven billion of us know that. But the people who do know are actively participating in this new phase of conscious co-creation. That’s why I call it conscious evolution. Many of us are choosing to evolve.

Look at the women who were gathered at the American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, which was a celebration of global women change agents. When I got married in the ‘50s, you didn’t see women like that: women who are proudly, exuberantly feminine while defining themselves by their contribution to the larger community, rather than their husband, their home, their children. There’s a whole new breed of humans coming in who are aware, self-conscious co-creators yearning for their life purpose. We’re not all completely aware yet that we’re being born as a universal co-creative species, but some of us are.

I’ve been one who was guided since my early thirties to be a storyteller of this birth. I asked the question, “What is a story comparable to the birth of Christ, which, if we told it, would make all the difference for our generation?” The answer I got was the story of the birth of a new universal humanity. We are all connected in one living system within a planetary culture and global brain in a universe probably filled with life. This birth is huge, and there are millions of us who know it is happening.

We saw that with the global response to the Birth 2012 celebrations, which capitalized on millions of people being aware that the Mayan calendar signified the end of one era. We marked December 22, 2012, as the beginning of a new era of evolution, the birth of a planetary culture. Those who participated are aware that we’re birthing a co-creative, planetary species.

This birth is taking place at a time of massive crises to our current civilization: global warming, climate change, species extinction, habitat loss, and financial collapse affecting billions of people. So this new species is confronting a new set of global problems humanity has never faced before. The great drama is how—or whether—we make it through this devolutionary tendency of destruction to an evolutionary tendency of co-creation. The people awakening to a life purpose to do that are the ones I think of as emerging universal humans.

The MOON: What do you mean by “universal human”?

Marx Hubbard: I mean people who are motivated from within to express a deeper life purpose, for their own growth and the sake of the world. They’re people whose consciousness is shifting beyond pure self-interest to an expanded awareness and even a cosmic consciousness. I mean people who are aware that we are in crisis and we have choices as to what we do about it. They’re choosing to be part of a positive solution. Those are all new universal humans.

The MOON: How did we arrive here—at the birth of a new type of human?



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