Annette Gagliardi | Ain’t this child a person?

Ramble on about needs of the future–
the sins of the past;
the passion of youth–so sure it won’t last.
Rhetoric don’t feed hungry mouths
put a roof over my head, nor educate the illiterate.
And ain’t this child a person, too?

Your money doesn’t darken the door of my needs,
your banter glides untouched over my head.
Politicians plot–they plan with numbers.
Do the best with what we got.
Yeah, figures lie and liars figure.
Ain’t this child a person?

Statistics tell little about
the realities of existence.
Legislative budgets lay waste to any gains of the past.
What becomes of those who cannot be counted?
Where do homeless children go to find solace?
Ain’t this child a person, too?

We are told, “You never had it so good—
and never mind what you ain’t got.”
Where do we go when there’s no place?
How do we learn when there’s no space?
Social reform is for the idealists.
Ain’t this child a person?

Annette Gagliardi has had poems published in 34 anthologies, the latest in Pasque Petals, The Magazine of the South Dakota State Poetry Society, April 2018. Her work has won many awards, including most recently ‘Poem of the Month” for May 2018, for Cosmographia magazine, which will include her poem in their 2018 anthology. annette.gagliardi at

Photo by Samridhhi Sondhi for Unsplash.

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