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Beverly Engel | Hypercritical and shaming parents

Beverly Engel, in her book It Wasn’t Your Fault: Freeing Yourself from the Shame of Childhood Abuse with the Power of Self-Compassion (New Harbinger, 2015), wrote about the damaging effect of shaming on children: The source of much toxic shame in our culture is hypercritical and shaming parents, who—often without realizing it—send their children the message that they are never good enough. Even more destructive than deliberate shaming statements such […]

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Rodolph Rowe | A show of strength

Sabine greeted the last of the lingering parishioners at the front door. As she came past the Welcome! kiosk on the way to her office, she picked up a handful of brochures that had been prepared to introduce her to the church and community. She’d meant for many, many months to send some of the extras to her mom in Gainesboro who would distribute them to family and friends with […]

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Andrew Hogan | Penance

I was on the phone when Jude arrived at work. “Jude, I’m ready for you now,” I said. Jude picked up the files on the Littleheart case from his desk and came into my office. “Hi, Gina,” he said. “Beautiful morning.” It was another dreary early November morning in Grand Rapids, cold enough for the westerly winds to pick up moisture from the warmer waters of Lake Michigan and blanket […]

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Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash | Make a moment

My dear, you have done all that a shaken leaf can do. Please stop beating your heart for being who you are, and make a moment for forgiveness. When your breath stops rushing between lungs and lips, reach into this deepest fault and lift that unscarred part who knows the sky and light in you, who breathes your truest magic. Dear, please quiet those thoughts that spin your mind. Now […]

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