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Alice Mills | Selected poems

Naked Nine years older, my aunt accepted my worship carelessly. Between parties, she took me out on the river, told stories of men and liquor binges. I was eleven. I believed. We took off our tops to sunbathe on the open, deserted river. I envied her breasts. We let the little tin boat have its lead past clear springs that edged the brown cypress tea river. A small-mouthed cave yawned […]

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Alan Walowitz | Shamed

To the nth degree A mathematically specious phrase intended to convey that something is raised to a very high level (as in “to the nth degree”), where “n” is assumed to be a relatively high number even though by definition it is unspecified and may be large or small. We say we’re testing the limits but if we’re honest we’ve already scaled them in our heads and they’re not as […]

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Emily Reid Green | Blind date

Modesty is trending. Thus her arms folding fashionable, legs braided. She will study French dressing, how it blushes the radish rose. That will have to do for even candlelight can’t obscure a question, a claim undeserved. So she must remain compact, eyes cast down, never to see the world, let alone fill it. He needs space to inflate, eyes to roam unsupervised. Meanwhile she will invite him up for coffee […]

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Carmela Orsini | Foul accretion

I sat at the back of the bus, a nice seat four rows from the last, a window seat like I like. It was a Mercedes bus from a little town in Austria headed to a little town in Germany. I fell asleep quickly as the bus wound its way across the border, taking the scenic route on purpose. I woke up shortly after starting, nauseous. I tried to ignore […]

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