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Joe Cottonwood | Homeless encampment

Excuse me, sir, but did you once sixty years ago come upon three cub scouts in blue uniforms wandering lost in a small forest hearing bears in the underbrush, vultures in the sky and you guided us to daylight where no one had missed us? Oh. Well, anyway, let me give you a beer. Pardon me, ma’am, but did you once substitute-teach a high school English class the subject was […]

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Vicki Miko | Old Hennessey Bridge

In the early evening sunlight the iron planks over Old Hennessey Bridge, cast jail-bar shadows on the riverbank— a fearful illusion for those sojourned there: the waywards: free of charge, obscure, perishable, beneath the trestles. The rundown backstreet leading to their hidden path backs up to the pumping station, abandoned shopping carts, and assorted dumpsters. Under the bridge’s refuge, the stink of tar and urine floats up on hot dampish […]

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Tatiana Louder | Tableau for One

There are only four total hours You need to be inside. Past sunset, Deep in the dark, folks are still taking evening walks. 10 or 11, you could be another one on the way to the club. Round midnight. The outdoors wears on you– You’ve been on the train all day. Places are closed, so are their restrooms. Cinderella would be home now. Nothing good happens past 2 am. You […]

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No more invisible people | An interview with Alan Graham

Before Alan Graham became a fulltime volunteer and champion of people who are chronically homeless, he was a successful real estate investor and developer. His companies, Trilogy Development and the Lynxs Group, developed the airport cargo facility in Austin, Texas, and similar facilities at airports around the country. In 1998, however, while a member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Graham was inspired to begin a service ministry. With a […]

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