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Charles Venable | One size fits all

one day, i met the invisible man walking down the road in nothing but a pair of shoes— he stopped mid-step when he saw me i saw no hands, but the shh-shh of a mom shushing her kids sang from the sidewalk: don’t tell nobody, he warned, they won’t believe you anyway the invisible man crossed the street; cars didn’t honk at him just the thud of bumper on skin, […]

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Anna M. Alkin | University of the streets

“Have you ever held a pigeon before?” “No,” I said, and before I could tell him I didn’t want to hold a pigeon, he grabbed the one next to me with sure hands. “Now hold it firmly like this,” he instructed me. For a brief moment, I held the bird and felt its rapid heartbeat inside my hands. The bird didn’t seem to mind the experience nearly as much as […]

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Chiquita Mullins Lee | Model behavior

She could have been a model. Tall, brown, and slender. Textured hair pulled back from her chiseled nose and cheekbones. She’d be sitting there most days at the edge of the Rhodes Tower on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. A ledge there is just the right height for a hard seat. There she’d be most days, in a neat dark blue dress. No request, just waiting. We’d catch each […]

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Mary C McCarthy | Poems for the homeless

From Bedlam to the State Pen Here there is no asylum Shuttered and empty The worst and best of them Forgotten, erased Abandoned All the unlisted Inhabitants released Expelled, scattered Into the streets Invisible, caught Like sand in drifts Under the bridges And overpasses Passed over, voiceless Faceless, nameless Caught like fish In the nets of factory ships And stowed deep Hidden in prisons Placed, replaced Invisible– No room here […]

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