Jennifer Freed | The Distance

The distance between the desire to be ahead of where we are
and the embrace of self-acceptance can feel insurmountable
Feelings are not like river stones
They cannot be skipped
Each subtle granule of emotion wants its own voice and reflection
Every nuanced perception calls for contemplation
Suffering through the seemingly endless moments of torpid growth
can test even the most patient among us
But racing ahead without proper footing will surely result in tumbling
There’s a sweet spot just in the middle of questing and resting
Leaning into the trickles of inspiration
without undue perspiration
But also going a little farther than the comfort of the past allowed
The tenderness required to transform is more courageous than
than any sword of action
Just ask the last golden light before the Sun sleeps
Or the  wisp of the Moon’s face as she makes her last stride out of view

Jennifer Freed is the co-founder/director of the highly successful teen program called AHA!, which serves more than 5000 families annually in the state of California. AHA! creates positive attitudes, social harmony, and bridges the achievement gap. Dr. Freed authored the educational book series “BECOME YOUR BEST SELF,” which includes workbooks on Relationship Wisdom, Character, Compassion and Creative Expression as part of her efforts to bring social and emotional learning curriculum to teens and their families. An MFT, with a Ph.D. in depth psychology, she is also a prolific poet and generously serves on the editorial advisory board of The MOON.

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