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Robert Pope | Valeria and Oskar

Our family has lived in the valley for several generations, known as musicians for many miles beyond our region and miles beyond that. Strings in particular, and woodwinds, particularly the flute. We brought music with us from the old country, a talent and reputation we honor and protect, the best of us sent out in groups of four or five. The rest of us practice, teach the young, and keep […]

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Rosalind Holtzman | Truth, then reconciliation

For transgressions against God, the Day of Atonement atones, but for transgressions of one human being against another, the Day of Atonement does not atone until they have made peace with each other.—Gates of Prayer, Reform Jewish High Holiday prayer book Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine. – Patti Smith, “Gloria” “Hindsight is 20/20” the saying goes but it’s not true. My own sight hasn’t been 20/20 since […]

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Joe Cottonwood | Spring Rain was her name

To behold her would wash your eyes. Her child she named Bebop Blue but we all called him Bop. Spring Rain and child, they lived in a rusty old van. At school she volunteered teaching the Great Books to ragamuffins with a wild passion until the day she parked the van, middle of the highway, locked the doors blocking traffic behind mandala curtains screaming too much evil—Evil!— in life. At […]

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Monika Martyn | Dance through the funk

Dawn fingered in through the window and gently prodded Stella into waking. She blinked and turned toward the face of dawn, shining in her muted light of blue, to get a better look. She could tell from its pale light that morning had eclipsed the long night and was winning. As always, the tender— yet subtle light in the sky matched her soul and urged Stella to rise. Dawn symbolized […]

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