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Sara Chansarkar | Confessions

Today is the 6th of October, my father’s birthday. He lies in the ICU at The Himalayan Hospital, Dehradun, India, in a mesh of wires and tubes. My sister and I are in the hospital room that was allotted to him before the surgery. It is 4:00 a.m. and I have not slept a wink. I can’t remember the last time I slept in the past two weeks but my […]

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Lorraina Nyanza | Past you and into me

As a woman veteran who stands alongside countless other wounded warriors who have borne invisible scars inflicted while in service to country, the unenviable task of striving to make sense of the senseless, fathom the unbearable and navigate life post-military trauma is a daunting one. It calls for those of us who have been harmed by uniformed predators to sift through the not-so-subtle cues hidden in a complex myriad of toxic emotions, […]

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Gabe | Inmate correspondence

Dear Human Kindness Foundation, I have been in and out of prison for 30 years. I’m currently on my 6th term of incarceration with eight years in. I was raised in a good Christian family, but I strayed away and never came back to it. When I caught this case in 2009, I was shot and left to die. I cried out to God while in the hospital, and he answered. […]

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Derek McMillan

Derek McMillan | Redemption

Betwixt the stirrup and the ground, mercy I asked, mercy I found. — William Camden Redemption. That is the name of my business. If you’ve got a reason why you can’t pay back Mr. Spinelli his money, save your breath. I’ve heard them all before. Whatever I do to you (and, believe me, I can do plenty), that is nothing to what Mr. Spinelli can have done to me. My […]

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