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John C. Mannone | Left Handed

So you think this is about left-handed people and fear that I might be saying they are a minority in a right-handed dominant society. But you’d be dead wrong, and I’d be right about the left-hand turning to open valves of closed minds. That’s what I’ve learned in school—righty tighty, lefty loosey—But the left hand of darkness looms, wants to shake you up. There is no right, or wrong, it […]

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March 2017 The Earth speaks | Reclaiming indigenous wisdom

Indigenous people in traditional cultures maintain a personal relationship with the Earth, along with the animals, elements, rocks and trees, fire and sky, water and wind—as the Lakota Sioux say, “All our relations.” They tend to these relationships—honoring them not just with prayers, but with the other half of communication: listening. Thus, they know that the Earth speaks—lovingly, like a mother to her children. And though they feel the Earth reeling […]

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