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Anna Marie Alkin | Awakening from the nightmare

WE ARE A BODY DIVIDED. Our recent election was the collective dream of a body divided into red states vs blue states, cities vs rural areas, whites vs people of color, and lower income vs. upper income peoples. With each line we draw, we dis-member ourselves. With each line we draw, we fall deeper into the nightmare. We are body divided, dreaming. Smashed and shattered, cut off at the roots […]

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Larry Thacker | Those kids

And the kids shrug and roll their eyes and cause us older and wiser types to roll over in our future graves with their lack of knowledge of the great World Wars and the Greatest Generation, those great cold causes decades past. We wring our hands wondering why all the new teachers aren’t teaching what should be taught about war. Times have changed, people love to spout. Yes, they have, […]

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John Feffer | Pulling the Lever for Doomsday

I DIDN’T VOTE in the pivotal American election of 2016. Thirty-five years ago, in that unseasonably warm month of November, I was in Antarctica’s Allan Hills taking ice core samples with a hand augur. The pictures I have from that time show my team drilling deep into the blue ice, but what we were actually doing was digging a million years into the planetary past to gaze upon the panorama […]

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Nicholas Powers | How to topple a wall with a heartbeat

“HE WON WITH A METAPHOR.” I pressed my hands against the air as if touching a surface. “He won with the image of a wall.” They looked at me, waiting for words to strike like a flint on reality, to spark a flash and make everything briefly visible. “We’re scared.” I walked to the stage’s edge. The audience was sparse but a classic New York crowd. A mix of everyone. […]

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