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Cristina M.R. Norcross | Three poems

Send the Shadows Packing There are shadows moving freely now. Something has been uncovered and unleashed. Disrespect, aggression, hatred. It has been given permission to walk and talk amongst us. When we see it, we need to call it what it is. We need to shout about it. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Shine a spotlight on it, put a siren on it, reveal the hatred for what it is, so that […]

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Bob Findysz | Mostly I am alone…and Brothers

Mostly I am alone Though surrounded by people, engaged, enraged, enveloped by fellow travelers on bustling boulevards and byways in a compact country — mostly I am alone with thoughts, dreams. I might share something. But, nobody’s listening. Perhaps sharing is too invasive, embarrassing for both of us. Better to withdraw within the confines of my mind. Conversation is a daily diet, but utilitarian monologue not dialogue. We are a […]

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Garrett Rowlan | Eve’s Apple

WHEN THE CONFERENCE ENDED, Eve left the hotel’s windowless room and refused a man’s invitation to have a drink. He was bald, overweight, and anyway she didn’t feel like being picked up. Her headache felt like a watermark behind her eyes. Returning to her room she fell asleep and woke at twilight. She felt better. She watched TV for ten minutes, knew that she didn’t want to sit here all […]

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Rachel Kann | I see you

Hey you, With the stern eyes, Behind which you try to hide that fat little Sterno-can heart. I see you. Your incendiary gelatinous mess of yes-ness glows right through you, Throbbing in fabulous thoracic iambic pentameter. Smile. You’re perfect. It’s simply resistance that precipitates your inner turbulence. Attachment is a tense drag. Loosen your grip on what is and Let in the limitless quantum eternal existence. Let the expired empire […]

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