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Malidoma Somé | A year to make peace with fire

Welcome to 2017, a Fire Year. Those who understand the character of each of the elements in the Dagara cosmological wheel—Water, Earth, Fire, Mineral, and Nature—know that Fire kindles and sustains an animating and pervasive energy in all that lives. Fire is in the water that runs, it is in the trees, the rocks, the earth, and in ourselves. It is the mediator between worlds since it is very close […]

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Autumn Bernhardt | Manifest Destiny this week and Night Nostalgia

Manifest Destiny this week Manifest Destiny this week is not transcontinental railroads, rain following the plow, or buffalo on the prairie without hides. Manifest Destiny this week is pipelines under the river through burial grounds without free, prior, and informed consent. Manifest Destiny this week is not benevolent imperialism, the yeoman farmer that came and went, the American dream, the pastoral idyllic. Manifest Destiny this week is a Town Hall […]

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Angelina Llongueras | Standing Rock is burning, Long live Standing Rock

Standing Rock is burning, Long live Standing Rock Burning pollution and dirt Lighting our memories of the love we gave and took Standing Rock is a new galaxy in the sky of freedom Treaty land stolen by the oil companies turns into an eternal song of longing for the thunder of justice that drums us awake. We can now fast The trees have bled their wisdom and in these hours […]

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Aziz Dixon | Deep memories

Inspired by a visit to an adobe village in New Mexico. My tribe-brother puts down his smartphone, and hands me a gift, sharp-pointed, flaked with skill, an arrowhead, holding memories of a thousand generations. I am a man young and strong, urgent and proud. The pulse in me speaks from my pre-human past, the pulse of creation, giving daughters and sons. I sit in the hall; my tribe-family enfolds me. […]

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