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Kimmery Moss | Immigrant poems

Abuelo I watch them put you into a hole in the wall next to your brother, Raphael. Two men who look like us mix plaster in a bucket and seal you inside. It is sunny on Rose Hill where there are no roses. I see my father’s face— He prays. A man whom I do not know speaks loudly. He celebrates you. His words echo off the mausoleum floor and […]

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Madi Williamson | Compassion through action

Saturday, May 21, 2016 Chalkidona, Greece I haven’t posted in a while, because I have been a bit too busy and overwhelmed. I am re-posting this part because I’m still feeling the same way as before: I’m not a hero. None of us are. But we all have something in us that draws us here to care for other human beings. It takes all shapes and sizes but it’s been an amazing thing to […]

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Pat Snyder Hurley | Land of opportunity

The audiotape crackles, brittle 60 years after dad lugged his reel-to-reel to the gray Florida farmhouse. He wanted to capture his immigrant parents – the scowler in her flower sack housedress, her sun-baked farmer in his cotton tee – and hear their stories again. How they climbed aboard at 19, lovers in steerage, rocked across the ocean to Ellis Island penniless and unconnected. How they picked their way through Southern […]

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Shirley Muir | Hitchhiker in a headscarf

She’s not a hitchhiker. She’s one of hundreds of middle-aged women who live in our mountain village. Well, their mountain village to be precise. Dressed in baggy trousers, paisley blouse and an anorak, her toes are streaked with mud as they protrude through the tips of her leather sandals. A shiny flowered headscarf swathes her head, a riot of color when the sun shines, I expect. But not today. Through […]

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