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William J. Watkins, Jr. | A jury of his peers

GARLAND BREAZEALE heard the front door close as his secretary Nettie Lawrence left the office for the day. Just six months ago, Nettie had become Garland’s first full-time employee. During the previous five years of his law practice in Hampton Falls, Garland had done well to keep a part-time secretary busy. His work then consisted of drafting an occasional will or simple contract. Slowly, he picked up more business as […]

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The right to food | An interview with Hilal Elver

Hilal Elver is the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. She grew up in Turkey, where she earned her Ph.D. from the University of Ankara Law School and began her teaching career. Her expertise was soon pressed into government service when the Turkish government appointed her as the founding legal advisor to the Ministry of the Environment. Later, they asked her to serve as the General Director […]

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Enough to eat | MOON Shine

“As in India in 1950, Africa today is a major food exporter. No French market would be complete without cut flowers, coffee, lobster, citrus fruits, and salad greens from across the Mediterranean. The total value of food aid coming in is less than the value of one of the smaller market segments—vegetables—going out. … Africans are hungry not because there is no food, but because there is no entitlement to […]

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Cynthia Gallaher | Oats, Brown Rice, Cranberries and Figs

Oats: The Last Grain When cool, misty hands passed over wheat and barley fields, a few stray oats pushed up a “V” for victory waving at farmers, as if to say, “What about us?” Taking them for weeds, farmers took them down but slowly noticed oat had a grain of its own, perhaps of meager use in the stalls or henhouse. If the last becomes first, how come oats ended […]

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