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Rev. Olivia Rose Bareham | Death midwife

Rev. Olivia Bareham–or simply, Rev. Olivia–is an ordained minister of healing. Originally from England, she holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of London, and a bachelor’s degree in natural theology in sacred healing from the Healing Light Seminary of Glendale, CA. She is also a certified death midwife. Her experience in the fields of auxiliary nursing, elder care and hospice volunteering inspired her to investigate a more […]

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November MOON Shine

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” ― Woody Allen “Death is a welcome transition to some, and a joyous occasion for the soul—a new chapter in the ongoing book of life. It is not to be feared. Grief is very real; we understand this. But perhaps you might view the inescapable transition in a more positive light and help all those […]

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Sarah A. Chavez

Sarah A. Chavez | Cheers to the Dead

I wonder if he’s hungry there in his grave amongst the sediment and microorganisms.   The Hmong relatives of his neighbors bring bowls of rice and vegetables, sweet dishes whose names I can’t pronounce and cans of Coke. All he gets are American flags and flowers.   Even in death they won’t let Grandpa eat or drink. He loved to tell me how Grandma kept him to one beer a […]

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James Patrick Johnson | Beyond death

This is the story of the beginning of a journey; my journey.  Because of one unspeakably horrible experience in my life nearly thirty years ago, I have gone to places, done things, and worked with people I never dared dream possible. One life-changing event altered and expanded my humanity in ways that language, at least my language, cannot adequately describe. Even if human language was perfect and fully expressed every […]

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