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James Patrick Johnson

J. Patrick Johnson | There is no final frontier

Hello my friends. It is good to be back on this side of the veil again and to give my perspective from both sides of the looking glass. If you have read my previous contributions to The Moon, you already know my story. For the sake of those who haven’t, I shall quickly give a little background: I was a firefighter and hazardous materials trainer and team member in my […]

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J. Patrick Johnson | Ask Patrick

Editor’s Note: Based on his ten near-death experiences, Patrick has agreed to answer readers’ questions, either in this forum or by private email. If you ask a question you don’t want answered publicly, The MOON will forward it, along with your email address, to him. If you are willing to have the question answered publicly, all readers can benefit. Q. Is it possible we actually sense the nearness of spirits […]

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Mark M. Rostenko

Mark M. Rostenko | The Fear

Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew. — Guillaume Apollinaire I head west, deeper into the Southwestern desert, where to I’ve not a clue. I’ll know when I get there, wherever the lure of the unknown draws me. No human sign in four… or is it five?…however many days. The horizon slips […]

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Stephenson Muret

Stephenson Muret | A Lucky Day for Crocodiles

Once within a barren waste a fruitful tree grew tall. Also within the barren waste a hungry elephant slogged. Though perhaps too predictable, it is true: One day they met, these two. As you might suppose, at first sighting the fruitful tree and its limbs sagged with dripping delights, the hungry elephant shivered in the scorching sun. To raid this tree, he craved, to feast. But he is a famously […]

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