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Rev. angel Kyodo williams

angel Kyodo williams | Who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die?

“Your human form took millions of years, millions of years, to be an expression of the universe wanting to be awake to itself. Who are you to deny that responsibility? How could you possibly do anything else? How could you waste your time scratching emotional itches all the time instead of rising to the occasion of what you were born for, to see yourself, you, as the universe, as all consciousness? Recognizing […]

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Bridge to Freedom

By Jackie Goodman   This postcard series is based on my journey to dance class (ballet or West African), through which I’ve discovered aspects of myself I didn’t know existed, and through which I’ve also discovered curiosity as a helpful way of being or attitude.  I’ve learned to surrender to the process, trusting it to take me where I’m meant to go. Postcard 1 is called “Bridge” because the drive […]

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Michael Meade

Michael Meade | Why the world doesn’t end

Whenever the end seems near, the beginning is also close at hand. The mystics know that, but so do the nuclear physicists. Given the radical changes affecting both culture and nature in contemporary life, it is easy to understand how fears of cataclysm and images of apocalyptic nightmares might intensify. It is not simply that the air has become dangerously polluted and overheated or that the political atmosphere is increasingly […]

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Thanissara | Time to awaken and engage

The Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change summarizes our situation: Today we live in a time of great crisis, confronted by the gravest challenge that humanity has ever faced: the ecological consequences of our own collective karma. The scientific consensus is overwhelming: human activity is triggering environmental breakdown on a planetary scale. Global warming, in particular, is happening much faster than previously predicted…Eminent biologists and U.N. reports concur that ‘business-as-usual’ will […]

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