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Susan Knox | Apologies outstanding

I.          Brenda I never apologized to you and now I can’t—not in person. Perhaps this incident doesn’t seem important, but I realize the small things in life—even a brief elevator conversation—can have hurtful effects. When I visited Mirabella Retirement Community after you moved in, I admired your spacious, elegant, Zen-like apartment. But when we went to the top-floor restaurant for dinner, I observed that the residents […]

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Joe Cottonwood | Poems on atonement…or not

Quinn is So Sorry Quinn is so sorry. When a full-grown German Shepherd bites a baby, the dog loses. Quinn knows the rules. His canine tooth ripped a small hole in baby’s cheek. Now all is confusion as Quinn grovels for forgiveness, baby cries in mother’s arms, mother dabs at the little spot of blood, no big deal. Baby crawling across the floor touched the food bowl while Quinn was […]

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Alan Walowitz | Yom Kippur dancing

I insist on a seat on the aisle, and don’t care how far back, long as I can get up and waltz away whenever I want, lay my prayer shawl neatly on the chair and head to the Men’s, or outside for air where I can check my phone– that’s the kind of Jew I am, tired of the old stand up, sit down, stand up again, and assess all […]

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Ruth Broyde Sharone | The power of making amends

After more than 30 years of working in the interfaith community, one thing has become crystal clear to me. In a peaceful world, as I envision it, there will still be conflict, but we will have achieved non-violent ways to resolve the conflict. We will have perfected techniques to diffuse anger, resentment, and fear, and we will have developed expertise in achieving forgiveness and reconciliation among enemies and aggrieved parties. […]

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