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Lisa Rhodes Ryabchich | Mercy

What if — my mother had visited you in your hour of distress, and confronted the child within you? — The proud child that stood next to her, after she graduated from high school, as she posed hopeful with her blue cap, and gown on, with tassel pulled to the left. The child you played with at Christmas, posing in front of your family’s tree, with silver tinsel and colored […]

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Pamela J. Picard | The way she was

The party expanded in size, growing, as if resting on a bubble, bigger and bigger with every breath. Just when the room seemed to be brimming beyond capacity, the door smashed open, giving the human gaggle air enough to bellow the name of the first face spotted at the door, in a chorus. I felt something of a bug tickle but couldn’t distinguish the source from within the hive. Someone […]

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Patricia Dicks | Skies are blue

Beautiful blue skies, air tinged with the scent of stale bodies in the midst of international transport. The days were running together. Sal stood at the entrance of the airplane greeting oncoming passengers. Each one, she noted, looked weary and not suspicious, in the way she’d been trained to scan for. A country man in his Sunday suit, inappropriate for the long, uncomfortable flight. Two women looking over their shoulders, […]

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Penny Peyser | When passing by

When passing by your car, a fleeting look between us, I imagined eye contact. I had erased you from my address book because of deeds that we could not retract. The years had dimmed the fire of argument that burned so fiercely; blame we wouldn’t own. I now regret the price of anger spent and so resolved to call you on the phone. Then instantly it seemed we were at […]

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