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Chris Santiago

Christopher Santiago | A Glimpse

…And the world undressed itself, naked against my ambivalent eyes, and I caught glimpses of what it really was. A spontaneous selection of limitless colors, angles that broke the simplicity of symmetry, flashing images of exposed realities, Clear visions of people, places, and purpose held within a moment of conscious clarity. I prayed to never lose its embrace. But the dawn always comes back, and once again I am left […]

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Charlie Morley

Dreams of Awakening | An interview with Charlie Morley

I stumbled upon a videotaped interview with Charlie Morley on and was instantly hooked on his premise: that one could use one’s sleeping hours for spiritual practice. One could meditate in one’s dreams! In fact, Charlie informed us that there was an entire Buddhist lineage devoted to “dream yoga.” Charlie himself was an intriguing spiritual mentor: a former breakdancing hip-hop artist from the U.K., who got into lucid dreaming […]

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Martin Willitts, Jr. | Selected poems on darkness and awakening

The Impossible Lack of Ability to Comprehend “Where is the end of it, the soundless wailing…” — T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets, The Dry Savages, line 49 I do not know much of God. For what I know is infinitesimal. For all my arguing and listening, I know less still. And in stillness is both the impossible urge to know and the impossible lack of ability to understand. It loosens […]

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Brock Travis

Brock Travis | Perfection Teaching

RECENTLY I WENT DOWN TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA to see my old friend James, who is ninety. He says his legs are getting weak. He doesn’t see or hear well any more. During the visit I had to help him with the door because he couldn’t see the black door handle, and his hearing aid, when he used it, often gave off a faint whistling sound. When I called him to […]

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