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Charles Joseph Albert | Monsieur de Beaugdan’s Engagement

Louis de Beaugdan shifted uneasily in his desk as he looked through his neat, patent-leather Daytimer. A wave of nausea battered against the rotted wood pier of his being but he could not pinpoint the source. Another glance at his watch: two more hours before the office closed…. He sighed with resignation. He would bide his time. He was a fonctionnaire, a bureaucrat, and what was two hours of inert […]

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Jenean McBrearty | Hearts and trains

Except for the spindly woman in the yellow pantsuit dragging a wheeled suitcase draped with a purse, San Diego’s Santa Fe station was deserted. Occasionally, a pre-dawn breeze gusted through the open doors bringing with it the faint scent of sea salt and street steam. Michael watched the stranger grimace, but he didn’t find the wait unpleasant. The pungent odors, the echo from the domed roof, the red cement slab […]

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Moon Savage | Towards a spiritual politics

What does spirituality have to do with politics? When we embrace a spiritual practice does not that bring us deeper into contemplating a more compassionate and caring attitude towards all of our relations and lead us away from self-promoting agendas? Please allow me to say that I am not any more qualified than anyone else to write this essay. I do not have much of a formal education; nor am […]

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Lisa Ezzard | What if there were no enemy…and other poems

What if There Were No Enemy in a circle of women in a dark and shrouded place not in hiding but in hope – singing and sweating and letting down our guard – we configure the world while all the kings’ men ride with the winds unified in home and in spirit cheering to the poor and bringing them bread while toy soldiers march across the battleground in a child’s […]

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