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Rizwan Saleem | Blankets

In August 2018, a bus carrying school children in Yemen was hit by a missile mistaking them for rebels. This poem is about its aftermath. Blankets, Multicolored, used blankets That’s what they brought them in Wrapped and ensconced Almost as if they were asleep In a way, they were, weren’t they? Small bundles, medium-size bundles And some large ones too All shapes and all colors Never knew they could come in […]

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War no more | Movies You Might’ve Missed

Threads This pioneering 1984 BBC film tells the fictional story of several British families before, during, and after an all-out nuclear exchange between the United States and the then-Soviet Union. Worried about the complacency with which the public seems to view nuclear war, the filmmakers intended to scare people and they were very successful. Reviewers have called it “the most disturbing film” they’ve ever seen, as they watch the slow […]

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Joseph S. Pete | Lonesome days, lonesome haze

PFC Solos stared down the barrel of his M4 carbine at the barren, sand-swept Iraqi countryside. He had been stranded on this hill for weeks, months, who knew how long. His platoon had been tasked with guarding radio towers, a thankless assignment that relegated him to this most remote outpost of nowhereistan. It wasn’t what he signed up for. The sergeant in the strip mall recruitment office never brought up […]

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War no more | An interview with David Swanson

David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org. A prolific writer, his books include War Is a Lie, When the World Outlawed War, War No More: The Case for Abolition, War Is Never Just, A Global Security System: An Alternative to War, and his most recent, Curing Exceptionalism: What’s wrong with how we think about the United States? What can we do about […]

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