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The new localism | Acting locally, sharing globally

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum. Perhaps human communities do, too. In the absence of federal leadership–in the United States, anyway–to address climate change, maintain infrastructure, protect the environment, deliver public services, provide healthcare for all, invest in sustainable economic development, and address a host of other issues, states and cities are picking up the slack. Moreover, the new localism, as it’s being called, is advancing these causes with an […]

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Bruce J. Katz | Envisioning the new localism

City and county managers hold increasingly more responsibility for solving the problems facing localities across the country than many might realize. After decades of demographic, economic, and social change, the location and nature of power is shifting. Power is drifting downward from the nation-state to metropolitan areas; horizontally from governments to networks of public, private, and civic actors; and globally along circuits of capital, trade, and innovation. This power shift […]

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William J. Watkins, Jr. | A jury of his peers

GARLAND BREAZEALE heard the front door close as his secretary Nettie Lawrence left the office for the day. Just six months ago, Nettie had become Garland’s first full-time employee. During the previous five years of his law practice in Hampton Falls, Garland had done well to keep a part-time secretary busy. His work then consisted of drafting an occasional will or simple contract. Slowly, he picked up more business as […]

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Laura Widener | Harbor from the cold

The diner was a chorus of chatting patrons, clanging dishes, and yelping kitchen appliances when the young man in the tattered coat took a seat at the bar that morning. Baltimore’s winter mornings were unforgiving, and chilled bodies craving warmth occupied most of the diner’s seats. Despite the activity, the waiter behind the bar with the nametag “Eric” noticed the young man instantly: the hair styled in dirt and grease stemming […]

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