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Clare Chapple | Free parking

I GOT ANOTHER postcard from him this morning. From Jim, that is. He’s gone on holiday of all things. All those years we’ve worked together and he’s never had one day off, not one. Except for Christmas of course, and New Year – but the car park’s shut anyway those days. No point turning up when there are no punters to pay you. Jim always says we have the best […]

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Matthew Harrison | Anything

The People Manager was so out of Jack’s class it hurt him to look at her. She was strikingly beautiful, thirtyish he thought, in a brown silk dress that shimmered as she spoke. And now she was looking at him. “So that’s it,” she concluded. “Anything goes.” “Anything?” Jack repeated numbly. He hadn’t been paying attention. “Anything,” she said. Jack hadn’t met her before, but that meant nothing in so […]

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Arindam Banerjee

Arindam Banerjee | Fifteen minutes

INDIAN SUMMER; it’s no use whining about it. I was waiting for her in the shade of a tamarind. We were so head over heels for one another that waiting never really mattered. I was alone there watching the vehicles speed by, slowing as they approached the signal. The loo, a hot, dry wind, was blowing wild and the asphalt was melting as if Satan himself was bleeding from inside […]

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The best job in the world…not!

There have been lots of great movies about work–Glengarry Glen Ross, Tin Men, The Help, and Nine to Five for starters–but you’ve probably already seen those, yes? Three worthwhile work-place movies you might’ve missed, however, include: Office Space, a 1999 satire written and directed by Mike Judge, creator of the Milton cartoon series, tells the story of Peter Gibbons, an unhappy computer programmer who is having a premature midlife crisis, at age 28. Unable to […]

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