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Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash | Healing the world and other poems

Healing the World, Step 1 Treat the world as though it is a lost stranger who wanders onto your porch, confused and wounded, hair full of leaves. Offer a space on the wicker loveseat, perhaps a cup of freshly steeped tea. Wipe the thick streaks of dirt from her forehead and behold the self you have yet to meet. Let her mumble her forest of grievances, lend voice to the […]

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Healing our collective soul

I am not your negro This emotional powerhouse of a film features Samuel L. Jackson reading James Baldwin’s writings and pairs the two with heartbreaking archival footage to show us how and why white America’s “negro problem” is actually an urgent call for white Americans to reclaim their own shriveled souls. Against footage of beatings, lynchings, white adults spitting on black schoolchildren, and so on, we hear Baldwin’s words, I’m […]

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Alan Walowitz | Matins

Though it’s usually best not to pay attention, you ought to keep an eye on the silent souls who wander out this hour, unwitting in our dark conspiracy of milling and mumbling to ourselves, or even to each other— till the birds screech to the tops of the subway grates readying for escape, then dawn on the lampposts, in the trees, and the peaks of the roofs. The martial music […]

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Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon | Four poems

Everything, Anything  “Find everything you’re looking for?” a clerk asks and I say, “I’m still looking for world peace.” “Can I get you anything else?” a nurse asks and I say, “Yes, a safe haven for refugees.” For a millisecond, their faces soften as they take a deep breath of imagining then laugh or shake their heads or commiserate. For a few minutes we might even discuss our planet’s highest […]

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