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Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon | Poems of her own

Jo-Ann Fabric Store Employees Dorothy was the oldest, over 70, Ann almost that, then Marge, mother of four, on down in age to me in college. Our hands constantly lifting, measuring, smoothing oceans of fabric rolled from bolts, rending them with scissors that sailed. As we did we talked, voices singing of possibilities to customers, singing of our lives to one another, straining as we carried boxes and bent to […]

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Anoop Judge | A fury of her own

They ask me to remember their memories, but I keep on remembering mine. – Lucille Clifton He was her boss, the one whose signature with the thick, dominant strokes was stamped on the checks she stood in line to collect from the cashier’s office at 425 Locust Street, Walnut Creek. Twice a month, like clockwork. On the 15th and the 30th. She drove straight to the bank after she tucked […]

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Power and sex | MOON Shine

“This is not about women fighting men to gain the positions men have and do things the way men do them, only better. That is unimaginative, as well as being beside the point. The point is, we have only really got one way of thinking about power in the West at present, and that is power through domination and control. We have been stuck with these notions of power for […]

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Power and sex | An interview with Scilla Elworthy

Dr. Scilla Elworthy literally wrote the book Power and Sex back in 1996. The book grew out of her work with the Oxford Research Group, which she founded in 1982 to better understand the thinking of the world’s nuclear weapons decision-makers—who were—and remain—overwhelmingly male (older, white and male). She found that these men, who wield life-and-death power over humanity, operate from a worldview based on competition and an understanding of […]

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